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Summer Fun Deals!

(This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission when you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!)

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you some great Groupon deals you don't want to miss!

If you're looking for a fun day out, you can save BIG with discount vouchers and savings - the links in this post will take you to discount deals for each place listed.


  • MadaTech in Haifa for 55nis per person
  • Visit the Igudan Ecology Center this summer for just 10nis per person with this deal!You must book your slot before going.

Workshops and Courses:

  • Mosaic or Glass Art Workshop in Jerusalem -  89nis for 1, or 175nis for 2. This is a 2 hr workshop, with times available on Sundays, Tuesdays, or Fridays. You must reserve your slot after buying the Groupon
  • Horseback Riding - one time 60 min. excursion in Mevo Horon, starting at 79nis, for ages 10+


  • Virtual Reality Games:
    • Virtual Reality Game - "Vortex" in Namal Yafo, for just 20nis (additional options for multiple games also available)! Groupon valid for 30 days from date of purchase, and can be used on weekdays (Sun - Thurs) from noon - 8pm. Groups of 5+ should call in advance and reserve.  
    • V-Ride - In Haifa Petach Tikva, or Rechovot
  • African Nights, at the Botanical Gardens in Jerusalem, discount tix for 45nis!
  • The Monkey Park in Ya'ar Ben Shemen, for just 34nis per person. Note: children under 2 do not need a ticket, and senior citizens can get in for half-price at the gate. Groupon valid thru August 30.
  • Ride the Indoor Roller Coaster in Eilat, for just 25nis per person! The only one of its kind in the area! Valid thru the end of the year, even during peak season!
  • Escape Zone - save big on admission to any of the Escape Zone Escape Rooms! (multiple locations)
  • The Jerusalem Treasure Escape Room in Ramat Gan - get the Groupon and pay just 249nis for a group of 4, or 279nis for a group of 5. Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. You must reserve your time slot after you buy the Groupon!
  • Get 10% off at the Maimonides Puzzle Room in Tiberias. Use code "Kosherfrugal" when you make your reservation! Reservations required. Call 053-530-3018 to reserve your time slot.
  • "Ex-Room" Escape Room in Tel Aviv - Get your Groupon for 2 (118nis), 3 (175nis), 4 (215nis), 5 (259nis), or 6 (299nis). Groupon is valid for 60 days from date of purchase, and you must call to reserve your timeslot. Nearly all timeslots are available for the Groupon deal, but some time slots require 4 or more players.
  • Quest House Escape Rooms in Tel Aviv, your choice of 5 different Rooms! 269nis for a group of 4 with the Groupon! Valid thru Sept 1, for slots between 10am and 11:55pm. You must reserve your slot after you purchase the Groupon.
  • Have fun at Ein Yael in Jerusalem, on one of their "Open to the Public" Days (not every day). Starts at 20nis for one person!
  • Save on admission to Gan Garoo!(Popular zoo with Kangaroos and Koalas!) 
  • Agam Chai Yiron Petting Zoo (near Tzfat) - for just 32nis per person (save 13nis per child, 3nis per adult, off the regular price!). Valid thru the end of September
  • Chatzer Rothschild in Mazkeret Batya - Groupon for admission for 10nis for an adult/20nis for a child. You must make advance reservations! Valid Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm-7:30pm and Fridays 12:30pm - 4pm, until Sept. 1
  • Have a great time at Top Rope in Kfar Bloom - this Ropes Course and more will challenge everyone! This deal gets you in for 33% off, and is good thru October 30.

  • Jeep Tour with Chalom Olami (in Migdal, right near the Kinneret) with a driver/guide, up to 7 people for just 399nis - save over 350nis!
  • Extreme Paintball in Haifa for more than half off! Age 5+. Groupon valid thru Sept. 16. You must reserve your time slot after you buy the Groupon!
  • Water Sports Fun on the Kinneret! Starting at 48nis per person! Groupon valid thru Oct 31. You MUST reserve your slot at least 24 hrs in advance (during very busy times, I recommend you call even further in advance!)

  • Kayak (your choice of routes) for a half price with the Groupon, at Dag al HaDan. Groupon is valid thru October, but you'll have to pay an additional 20nis at the gate if you redeem it during August, Holidays, Eid-al-Fitr, and Eid-al-Adcha
  • Jordan River Rafting (with an option to add the "Omega") starting at 50nis per person! Groupon is valid thru the end of the year. During August and other holidays, Groupons can only be redeemed at certain times. Read the terms carefully!
  • Kayaking in Kfar Blum - starting at 71nis per person. Groupon valid thru Oct. 30. Some restrictions apply
  • Galei Yam water park in Haifa for 50nis per person. Groupon valid thru the end of August, and can be used Sun, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 7pm, and Wednesdays 9am - 10pm
  • Luna Gal (southern Golan water park) for 51nis per person (note: if you are a Golan resident, you will get a better discount at the gate if you show your TZ)
  • Park Yam Carmel (Ya'ar Ofer, near Haifa) for just 49nis per person. Valid only on Thursday nights this August.
  • Corn Picking in Kfar HaRoeh! (Best deal is a family admission)

Getaways with a twist:

  • This converted bus offers a really great deal for your next Getaway! Sleeps up to 6. Starts at 399nis per night with the Groupon!
  • Vacation a little differently! Rent an RV that sleeps 6-7 people for 819nis for TWO nights (weeknights) or 919nis for 2 weekend nights! Wow, what an amazing deal for a getaway!

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Restaurant Deals!

(This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking a link. Thanks in advance for your support!)

Kosherfrugal.com and Janglo have teamed up to bring you some great Groupon deals you don't want to miss!

This post focuses exclusively on kosher restaurants and take-out food, so if you're going to splurge, you can now afford to splurge a little more, with discount vouchers and savings. This looks like THE season for eating out - there are SO many deals to be found!

Also, Janglo Beteavone has a great selection of restaurant coupons. Be sure to check http://shop.beteavone.com for deals you won't find anywhere else! But supplies are extremely limited, so hurry before they're gone. 

If you're looking for Israeli Olive Oil, here's a deal for a 2 liter (69nis) or 4 liter jug plus olives (139nis or 149nis if you want delivery) . There are several locations for pick-up, or you can pay extra for delivery. 

If you're going to Pizza Hut, here's a deal that can be redeemed at any Pizza Hut throughout the country (except the airport)! 19.90 for a personal pizza!

Jerusalem area:
    Take-Out and Prepared Foods:

Get 50% off a French Cheese Platter at Macabi Gvinot in Givat Shaul (Mehadrin). Choose between 2kg and 3kg sizes.

Ta'im BaKerem (Shabbat Takeout, Jerusalem. Half Price Vouchers) Groupon valid on Fridays, from 8:30am - 2:30pm. There's also a dinner voucher, for 59nis, which can be redeemed Sun - Wed, 4-9pm or Thurs 4-8pm. 

Half price vouchers for Takeout from Jerusalem Delights! (Jerusalem)

     Breakfast Deals:

Breakfast at Ruach Hamatok in the German Colony - choose between Israeli Breakfast for 2 for 55nis, or French Breakfast for 2 for 65nis! Valid Sun - Thurs, 7:30am - 7:30pm, advance reservations required. 

Israeli Breakfast for 2 at Teresa in Cinema City, for 59nis! Not valid on Fridays

Friday Buffet Breakfast at Teresa in Cinema City, 48nis for 1 person or 95nis for two!  

     Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, and other "Fast Food": 

Shakshuk in Machane Yehuda Market - 29nis for 1 or 58nis for 2. Valid Sun-Thurs from 8am - 5pm or Friday from 8am -1:30pm. Groupon is valid for 60 days from date of purchase.  

     Cafes and Dairy Restaurants:

pappa - Italian Food in the Center of Jerusalem for half price! There's also a second deal for a dinner for 1 or 2, see which one works for you! Groupon is valid thru the end of August. May be redeemed Sun-Thurs from 11am - 11pm

      Meat and Fish Restaurants: 

Pescados - (Jerusalem) Lunch for two for just 139nis! Or the Dinner deal for 44% off regular price (your choice of party of 2, or party of 4).

Buffet Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Jerusalem). 1 for 99nis / 2 for 195nis. Groupon valid Sun - Thurs 6:30pm - 9pm. Not valid on Fridays, Shabbat, Holiday eves, or Holidays. 

The Merkaz:
      Take-Out and Prepared Foods:

Yechezkel Takeout (for Shabbat) in Rishon - 50% off vouchers!

Shabbat Takeout from Srur's Kitchen in Holon, get a 100nis voucher for just 50nis!

Minei Gan (Take Out in Netanya) (Half price vouchers)  
Fruit Trays from Dr. Juice in Moshav Yagel, for half price! You must place your order in advance.

Fruit Platters (Ramat Gan) (starting at 99nis) 

     Breakfast Deals:

Breakfast at Pizza Bar in Rishon, 59nis for 2 people!

Discount vouchers for Shani Bakery (Konditoriya Shani) at the Tel Aviv Bursa! Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs, 8-11am, or Fri 7:30am - 1pm, now thru Oct 1.  

      Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, and other "Fast Food":

Ice Cream Bar (Badatz) in Rishon, for 50% off!

Ice Cream, Desserts, and Juices from Dr. Juice, vouchers for 40% off!

Special Sushi in Or Yehuda, half price vouchers.

Cafe Neeman, in Airport city - 10nis for a coffee and a pastry

Burgeron in Holon (Badatz) - deals start at 20nis. Not valid on delivery orders. Groupon valid for 90 days from date of purchase.

Hummus meal for one for 19nis, or for 2 for 37nis, at Felafel Anavim in Nes Tziona

Shipudei Express in Nes Tziona, starting at 24nis! Valid Sun - Thurs, 10am - 11pm

Pizza Cheese in Modiin - Buy one get one FREE personal size pizza deals! Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Can be used Sun-Thurs 10am-11pm, and Fri 10am-3pm

Pizza Hameshulash in Rishon! ("family size" for 24nis or XL for 30nis!) Valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs 9am-11pm, or Sat. night till 11pm (not valid Friday or any Erev Chag). Additional 3nis fee for Takeaway.

Vamos, Mexican Food in Rishon - for 50% off or more! Valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs 12noon-8pm, or Friday, noon till 1 hr before Shabbat (not valid Erev Chag). Not valid for takeaway, and cannot be combined with specials
Kaiseki in Bat Yam - Buy one get one FREE Sushi deals! Groupon valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs till 10pm, Fridays till 4pm, and Sat night from when the restaurant opens till 11pm. 

     Cafes and Dairy Restaurants:

Kakao in Kiryat Ono for half off! Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Cannot be used on Breakfast Specials, Lunch Specials, or Children's meals. Valid Sun - Thurs 8am - 10pm only

Cafe Paradiso TLV at the Sarona Market - half price vouchers, or buy 1 get 1 free breakfast deals

Cafe Cafe Mehadrin on Yigal Alon - buy a 40nis voucher for just 20nis!

Fresh Kitchen (including GF meals and vegan meals) in Bilu Center, for half price! Valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs till 10:30pm, Fridays till 3pm, and Sat night from when the restaurant opens till "the last customer".

     Meat and Fish Restaurants: 

Chiripom Chef's Restaurant in Tel Aviv, deals start at 169nis for 2! Groupon valid thru Oct. 10. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs between noon and 11:30pm. Limit 6 Groupons per table. Reservations Required.

Shmulik HaCohen restaurant (Tel Aviv)- discount vouchers from 45% - 53% off! 

Breishit Mehadrin Restaurant in Petach Tikvah, 119nis for 2 / 235nis for 4. Groupon valid for 2 months from date of purchase., Sun - Thurs 11am - 9pm. You must reserve a table in advance.

Hilulim (Mehadrin Steakhouse) in Tel Aviv (169 for a meal for 2, limit 5 Groupons per table. Valid for 90 days from date of purchase, from 12pm - 11pm. Not valid on the following dates: 24.07.17, 22.08.17, 23.08.17 . You must reserve a table in advance.)

      Take-Out and Prepared Foods:

Ofrah Gourmet Takeout Food in Ashdod - buy an 80 nis voucher for just 40nis!

Shabbat Takeout from Catering Refael in Be'er Sheva (with free delivery in Be'er Sheva) for 5 or 10 people for 43% off regular price. Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase. You must place your order in advance. 

      Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, and other "Fast Food":

Johnny Krispy at "Big" in Kiryat Malachi - 50% off vouchers! Groupon valid thru Oct. 30, Sun-Thurs, noon - 10pm. Delivery is extra

HaMeksikani in Ashkelon, for just 25nis per person!
Groupon valid thru Oct. 30, Sun-Thurs, 3pm - 10pm. Delivery is not available with the Groupon

29 nis meals at Bandura in Be'er Sheva - Shwarma! Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Can be used Sun - Thurs, 10am - 6pm

Pizza HaGesher in Be'er Sheva (Mehadrin) - Get an XL pie for just 29nis! Sun - Thurs, 11am - 8pm, and Fridays 11am - 4pm. Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase 

Aldo Ice Cream in Eilat for half off!

     Cafes and Dairy Restaurants:

Paradiso Italian Restaurant in Ashkelon - choose from a selection half price vouchers!  

      Meat and Fish Restaurants:

Ola Chef's Restaurant in Eilat, for 129nis per person, or 255nis for two

Ribs in Ashkelon - Dinner for 2, valid Sun - Thurs, noon - 7pm, starting at 99nis, or get a 400nis voucher for 195nis valid at more times. Looks like you should reserve your table in advance.

Benny HaDayag in Ashdod, for more than 40% off. Valid noon - midnight, Sun-Thurs

Half off vouchers for Arami's (French Cuisine) in Ashdod! Voucher valid thru Oct. 30.

SPACE in Moshav Amonim, at a huge discount (139nis for 1, 279nis for 2, or 549nis for 4). Groupon can only be redeemed Sun-Thurs 12noon - 5:30pm, or Friday 12noon - 2pm. Reservations required. 

     Take-Out and Prepared Foods:

Takeout food for Shabbat from Pataio Catering in Tirat HaCarmel - get a 100nis voucher for just 50nis!

      Breakfast Deals:

Breakfast Buffet at the Crown Plaza in Y'feh Nof, Haifa - starting at 59nis. Check carefully before you buy - there are different deals for Sun-Thurs and for Friday.

Breakfast Buffet at the Bay View Hotel in Haifa - 55nis for 1, or 99nis for 2. Valid Sun-Fri, with advance reservations.

Breakfast Buffet Deals at the Colony Hotel in Haifa - 49nis for 1, 95nis for 2, or 180nis for 4.

      Pizza, Burgers, Sushi, and other "Fast Food":

Japan! Japan in Kiryat Ata, for half off! Groupon good thru October 1. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs, 11am - 7pm, and Fridays 11am - 3pm.

Over 50% off at Pizza Siciliano in Kiryat Chaim!Valid thru Sept. 15, limit 5 Groupon deals per person or family.

Sweet Dream Ice Cream Shop in Lev Hamifratz (Cinemall) for half price! Valid for 90 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs till 9:30am - 9:30pm, Fridays 9am - 2pm, and Sat night from half and hour after Shabbat until 10:30pm

Two Felafels with French Fries at Olam HaOchel, (or two omelet pitot with french fries) for just 19nis! Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed Sun-Thurs till 9am - 5pm, Fridays 8am - 3pm

      Cafes and Dairy Restaurants:

Cafe Louise in Kiryat Motzkin - get a voucher worth 80nis (for 1 person) for just 40nis, or one worth 160nis (for 2 people) for just 79nis! Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free food available. Valid for 60 days from date of purchase. Can be redeemed between 8am and 11pm Sun -Thurs, and Sat. nights from 1/2 an hour after Shabbat till 11pm (not valid Fridays or Erev Chag).

Dinner for 2 at Cafe Louise in Kiryat Motzkin, for 109nis. Valid Sun - Thursday noon - 11pm or Sat. night from 1/2 an hour after Shabbat till 11pm

     Meat and Fish Restaurants: 

50% off at Ta'im L'Chulam in Haifa!

Shaytel (Badatz, Machpud meats) in Nahariya - for just 99nis for 2! Valid Sun - Thurs 11am - 10pm. Max. 3 Groupons per table. Groupon valid for 60 days from date of purchase

China Bay in Haifa - 99nis for 1, or 179nis for 2. Reservations required.   

Olam Ha'Ochel in Haifa (meat restaurant, with tons of salads for the table) for just 35nis per person. Groupon valid for 90 days from date of purchase, and only from 8am - 5:30pm (Sun-Thurs) or 8am - 4pm Fridays. limit 8 Groupons per table.  

Click here for Summer Fun Deals throughout Israel!

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Olive Oil Deal!

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for your support!
Hey everyone, I'd like to bring this great Groupon to your attention!

You all know we're a little olive oil obsessed in this country, and with GOOD reason! Olive oil is one of my favorite oils, but it is definitely NOT cheap, despite the fact that it is one of the oils that can be locally produced. Remember, if it's too cheap to believe, you're probably not REALLY getting a deal...

If you're like me, and are always, I mean always, looking out for the best deal on olive oil, you should check out this Groupon if you want some high quality, local olive oil.

Here's a deal for Israeli Olive Oil (grown on a moshav in the Jerusalem area) - get a 2 liter jug (69nis) or a 4 liter container plus a jar of cured olives (139nis if you do self pickup, or 149nis if you want delivery!).

There are several locations for pick-up, but you MUST call to make pick up arrangements at the location you want (the options include: Moshav Baku'a, Be'er Sheva, Rechovot, Moshav Tnuvot, Karnei Shomron).

Personally, I really appreciate when things can be delivered to my door, and I am so glad they offer this as an option! 

Enjoy your Olive Oil deal!

Friday, August 11, 2017

iHerb extra savings right now!

This post contains my iHerb referral link. You'll save money using it (even existing customers), and I may be compensated by iHerb. It won't cost you extra - but it WILL save you money!

I've been shopping at iHerb more lately, since they've lowered the cost of shipping to Israel via DHL Express. I've got an order that weighs close to 7 lbs in my cart right now - and shipping is just over $4!

Which is making everyone go wow! WOW - it's like the old days are back, only BETTER because now I can order more than 4 lbs worth of stuff at a time! And if the shipping deal isn't enough to convince you - check out this amazing way to get extra savings!

Get a combined 10% off your next order of $40 USD or more, by clicking on the following link:

Shop at iHerb!
or simply enter the following 2 codes in your shopping cart at checkout: QEJ101 and August

These extra savings even combine with Trial items and Weekly Specials! This is definitely the right time to stock up!

Take advantage of this offer before it ends on Tuesday, August 15th!

Not sure if shopping at iHerb makes sense?

I shop there pretty often, as you may already know. I find it makes life easier for me - not only do they make it easy to find some "hard to find" products my family needs (like fragrance free shower products), but I save a significant amount of money on things like vitamins and probiotics. They are definitely less expensive at iHerb than my local stores, and shipping is VERY affordable as I mentioned above.

Here are some of the things I like to buy at iHerb:

Palm Oil (this eco-friendly version is not available in Israel at all, and is perfect for making frosting or fudge)

Magnesium Tablets (these and many other supplements are quite pricey in Israel and iHerb is a great way to save!)

Stash Teas (I buy these when they are on sale, as the sale price comes out to less than the lowest price I can find herbal teas for locally, and these are just SO MUCH HIGHER quality than teas I can find for an affordable price!)

Vitamin D Tablets (so many people are deficient, it turns out! And my doctor prescribed a rather high dose, and what's sold here is very low dose and more expensive)

Probiotics are far less expensive from iHerb than any I've found in Israel, and they don't weigh much!

EO shower gel (we like this kid friendly all-in-one shower product that doesn't irritate our skin!)

Ricola throat drops (these work out to be only slightly less expensive than the local price, so I use them as a "filler" product, never as my "reason for buying")

Witch Hazel (it's really not easy to find witch hazel products locally, and if you love witch hazel, you'll be thrilled with iherb's price. This one is a toner with alcohol in it - some people like the alcohol in it, but if you don't, they also have plenty of no-alcohol witch hazel products)

Coffee Filters (unbleached) - I can find the #4 size locally, but I use the #2 size, and it's so easy to order it, rather than running around town!

Brown Rice Pasta (only when they're on sale, great for people who don't eat wheat! The local equivalent is more expensive unless there's an amazing sale)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (similar product, 1/4 of the size, cost more than twice as much at my health food store, and many people are convinced this keeps colds away,!)

Essential Oils (I use them in homemade cleaners) - for a fraction of the price here in Israel! Yes, they are real and natural (and not an MLM)!

Soy-free Teriyaki Sauce (for my soy allergic child)

Calendula Cream (so soothing and wonderful for eczema!)

Aquaphor Ointment - impossible to buy locally!

I also regularly check the Specials Page to see if products I use are on sale and work out to a better deal thru iHerb during a sale, and I also occasionally will order a hard-to-find spice.

If you haven't ordered from iHerb, now is the perfect time to check it out!
And please let me know what your favorite deals are!

Don't get surprised by import taxes! If you are ordering items from overseas, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most recent personal import regulations!