Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Get Paid for Surveys in Israel!

This post contains affiliate and referral links. I may be compensated in some way if you click a link and register or make a purchase. Thanks in advance for your support!

Back in the old days before we came back to Israel, I often answered online surveys, and I'd be paid pocket change ($3-$5 per survey) via PayPal. It was an easy way to pad my budget - and I really missed that after making aliyah! I had thought that was all just part of my old life - and obviously, I am no longer eligible to answer US based surveys. But then I discovered that it doesn't mean I can't still get some extra cash here, as there are survey sites here as well!

Click to go to Panel4All!
Click to go to Panel4All!

 First, signed up for Panel4All a while back, and so can you. This site works differently than what I had gotten used to before I made aliyah - they don't pay in cash. Instead, participants earn points that can be cashed out for gift cards. Depending on your demographics, you'll be invited to answer different surveys. I usually get several emails a week about surveys and when I have 5 minutes, I answer them. Sometimes the surveys close out before I get around to answering though, so don't be surprised if that happens from time to time.

I've added a few more survey sites to my repertoire, and I figured some of you out there may want to use them to earn some side-money, too! I've checked out a number of different ones, and this list includes sites that are specifically for Israel, as well as international ones. Check them out, too!

iPanel  -- 
you'll have to answer a long survey to complete your registration, but then you'll be able to start earning credits toward a gift card!

Midgam Panel -- this site pays out via Paypal or gift cards, you'll be able to choose what's better for you when the time comes. Paypal seems to charge fees for this, so I prefer the gift card option.

SekerNet -- this site pays via check or bank transfer when you reach the minimun payout threshold of 55nis.

PanelView - this site has some ability to function in English - mine defaulted to English once I answered the survey and told them my first language is English!

MoBrog - this site is in English, but I'm not sure if all the surveys will be in English. Definitely worth checking out!

I'm also a member of "MySeker", and they do email referrals. Please drop me a note at ester@kosherfrugal.com and I'll send you a link to join!

I hope you found this list helpful - I know some people use survey sites as their "side hustle" successfully, and I hope you can too!

Feel free to share this list with others who may want to make some side income answering short surveys!


  1. Hi Ester, how does this work tax wise in Israel? Don't you need to report your earnings?

    1. I can't give tax advice! But gifts are not taxable in Israel


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