Thursday, April 22, 2021

Check out this fragrance-free laundry detergent!

This post contains my iHerb referral link. You'll save money using it (even existing customers), and I may be compensated by iHerb. It won't cost you extra - but it WILL save you money!

A surprise package arrived at the post office and this was what I found:
A package for me! AWESOME!

So I opened it up and here's what I found:
A Gift! For me! YAY!

I discovered that iHerb sent me a sample of their Mild by Nature laundry detergent to review. I must admit, I've actually bought it before! You see, we really try hard to use fragrance-free detergents because we sneeze and wheeze otherwise. So this is one of those I've tried and liked. It really leaves no scent! And unless something is super stinky or massively stained, it works. If you're using this detergent on stains, I recommend pre-treating with a stain remover (I usually use the Ecover one) or pairing it with a laundry booster like this bleach alternative. The bleach alternative also has the added benefit of neutralizing those super stinky odors, too (can you tell that we sometimes have stinky laundry here?).

The other thing I really like about this detergent is that it comes in pre-measured pods, so it travels easily AND it makes it really easy to get my teens to throw a load of laundry in because I know they'll use the "right" amount of detergent.

I love to share iHerb deals and I'm excited to let you know about a sale going on right now that will get you 20% OFF Mild By Nature brand! But hurry! 

If you haven't tried this brand, I'll let you in on a secret: This is one of iHerb's "house brands" so you get a particularly good value for most of the products and you aren't paying for a fancy brand name.

And, if you place items in your order that don't qualify for this sale, code QEJ101 will still give you 5% - 10% off almost anything else on the site! (You can use that code EVERYDAY to create your own sale!)

 So click here and get started at iHerb, and be sure to check out their house brand products!

Boxit delivery to a pickup location is my current default delivery choice. Just note that this delivery option is only for orders that weigh a maximum of 5 kg (11 lbs). There are a few products that cannot be shipped this way, so if you discover at checkout that this delivery option isn't available, try removing one item at a time from your cart (I recommend moving it to "your lists" and then moving it back if it's not the one causing the problem).

You can often score FREE Boxit delivery - for this, your order must be at least $60 USD.

Whether I get home delivery, or store pickup delivery, my iHerb orders have been coming really quickly, despite my location in the boondocks, closer to Damascus than Tel Aviv!

Don't get surprised by import taxes! If you're ordering items from overseas, be sure to familiarize yourself with the most recent personal import regulations! HINT: Keep your order under $75 (not including shipping).

I've been consistently impressed with their service during the pandemic. I've been filling in some of the things I was not able to get in my regular grocery or pharmacy delivery orders, or simply things that turned out to be less expensive from iHerb. I order things like fragrance free laundry detergent, french roast coffee, and eco-friendly dishwasher detergent, allergen free chocolate chips (note: these only ship November thru May!), 
elderberry and zinc.

Let me know what your favorite deals are!

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