Sunday, January 19, 2020

Vacay deals for less than $300 per person!

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Vacation is one of those we all dream of, and sometimes plan, and sometimes even go on! The thing is, it can be super expensive to "get away", but right now, there are a whole bunch of deals that will let you get away for less than $300 per person, if you grab it now!  That's about 1000 NIS per person on the upper end of these deals! All of these deals include flights and hotels. You'll still need to budget your spending money.

So: here are the deals I found that are less than $300 per person, check them out and plan your next vacation! If you see something that works for you, be sure to read the fine print (you can ask me on my Deals page) and book FAST!

Keep in mind that in general, deals by Groo require you to buy at least 2 deals. The price is based upon 2 people in a double occupancy room, so you cannot book one ticket at this price and expect to redeem it.

Visit Georgia (the country, not the state), starting at just $289 per person!

Weekend deals in Athens, starting at $289 per person includes flights, transfers, and hotel)! (must buy 2 deals)

Cyprus vacay starting at $285 per person (min. 2 people) - includes flights and 3 nights in a 5 star hotel

Vacation packages to Albania starting at $299 per person (you must buy 2 deals to get this price)!

Vacation in Baku, starting at $299 per person!

Weekend in Greece, starting at $299 per person!

Cyprus vacation (no kids), (with El Al flights), starting at $189 per person!

Tbilisi (Georgia) vacay, starting at $249 per person!

Bucharest vacation, starting at $259 per person!

Varna, starting at $249 per person!

Tell me which one you chose! Happy travels!


  1. This is called Frugal and Kosher. Do any of these deals include kosher meals or are they just cheap?

    1. these deals don't include kosher food. But most hotels that include food usually have something available at breakfast that kosher eaters can eat. Everyone should check into this on their own.
      Kosher hotels outside of Israel are very very rare.


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