Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Traumeel Sample (Free) (including help for the Hebrew challenged!)

I'm reposting this free sample deal, since it's still available, and I'm adding some info for the people who said they did not know how to fill out the form - see below!

Altman is giving away Traumeel samples FOR FREE! My sample arrived - it's a very small sample, but it came with a nice coupon towards my next purchase!

Sign up at this link today, and your sample will be mailed to you!

I have no idea if these creams actually work, but I do know many people who use them. My doctor once told me that he didn't know if they would work, but didn't think it could do any harm to try... so -- why not try it and see if it helps relieve pain as it claims?

I know some of you may have trouble with the Hebrew form, so this should help you - I've given you the English for the form here, so you can fill it out on the website (Sorry, I can't adjust their website for you. Just keep this page handy if you need the translation).

Enjoy your free sample, and don't forget to share this with your friends!

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