Monday, July 31, 2017

Pre-Fast and Post-Fast Menu

We all know that Tisha B'Av is approaching, and it's probably the most difficult fast of the year.
Ironically, that means we're all thinking about FOOD, of course.

Tisha B'av is strange - we need to eat before the fast, but I always have a hard time figuring out what to do about that meal.

I mean, I know about the egg and bread seudah. I'm talking about the "real meal" before the egg and bread. (We make that a meal of its own, for the official "seudah mafseket".)

On erev Yom Kippur, the only other 24+ hour fast on our calendar, the meal before the fast is very much a shabbat or chag style meal.

Tisha B'Av? Not so much. It's the 9 Days, our days of National Mourning. We can't sit down to a festive meal as we prepare to sit on the floor and cry for a whole day. It wouldn't feel right, at least, not to me. Not to mention that we don't eat meat or chicken, so we are obviously limited with our menu options.
And I don't want to cook elaborate dairy foods, either. For one thing, I don't eat dairy (allergy), and for another, those foods are PRICEY and definitely make me think "celebration!"

So I guess we'll be doing more of an "every day" sort of meal. I considered soup, but I think it's just too hot for soup!

Here's the plan:

Garlic Bread
Baked Ziti (and something dairy-free for me, not sure what)
Cut vegetables with dips
Watermelon and Grapes

 Bonus: I'm really sticking to inexpensive foods that require minimal cooking time and that I know my family will eat. I even managed to get Alma brand mozzarella cheese for the baked ziti for 35nis/kg today.

For post-fast, we'll have more watermelon and grapes, a cheese platter (splurged. Bought cheeses for 35/kg, which is really not so bad), breads and rolls, tuna, and similar. Maybe ice cream or sorbet. I don't want to stress about cooking at the end of the fast day, so this made the most sense to me!

What do you plan to eat pre-and post-fast?

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