Sunday, June 4, 2017

Recent Recalls! (Kubbeh, Lollipops, and Puddings)

I  just wrapped up a family vacation, and now I am getting back into posting, so tonight I'll catch you all up on the recent food recalls you might have missed. There were 3 recalls over the last few days:

1. Recall of Kubeh sold in bulk (to the industry), due to possible contamination with Listeria:
  • Kubeh Novolisah, Burghul Kubbeh stuffed with meat, sold in 6kg packages, with production date 18/4/2017 and expiration date 18/4/2018
This product is safe to eat when cooked properly, as the cooking process destroys the dangerous bacteria. However, as a precaution, the company is recalling the product. If you have questions, please call Bentzion at 02-583-3914

2. Strawberry lollipops, Carmit brand:
  •  Some of these lollipops, sold in various sizes, separated from the stick and can pose a chocking hazard:
The recalled batches include those with expiration dates of 12/12/2018 and 18/12/2018. Consumers with these products are asked to contact Carmit via their website or phone at 03-963-7000 to receive a replacement. 

3. Milky puddings with whipped cream, Strauss brand
  • Milky puddings with whipped cream (7%), sold in 8 packs, with expiration date 23/6/2017 are being recalled due to an unusual smell and flavor. Consumers are advised NOT to eat these products, and to call Strauss at 1-800-777-777 to arrange for a refund.

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