Sunday, August 30, 2015

Menu Planning for the week

This has been a whirlwind month, but now we are entering our first week since late July when we do not have guests from overseas staying with us. And the Bar Mitzvah (of our second son) has come and gone, and it was wonderful and emotional and crazy and more...

But now, it's basically time to get back to normal, whatever that means. Our new normal is not working so well for me, so it's time to set things up anew. That means convincing a 7 year old that she's tired enough to go to sleep around 8:30 pm! I'll let you know how that one goes...

And of course, it means getting back to menu planning, especially since the Chagim (Holidays) are really sneaking up on us!

Anyhow, so, since I haven't done a really good grocery shopping run in a while, my meals may seem a bit haphazard, but I'll try to make sure we stock up on some basics later in the week!

Here's the plan right now:

Sunday lunch: felafel
Sunday supper: pasta with tomato sauce and cheese
Monday lunch: pancakes, cottage cheese, fruit
Monday supper: rice, black bean crumbles in tomato sauce, steamed or roasted veggies (whatever I dig up)
Tuesday lunch: Sandwiches and cut veggies
Tuesday supper: ??
Wed lunch: Sandwiches and cut veggies
Wed supper: lentil sloppy sams, fresh rolls, steamed veggies
Thursday lunch: leftovers from the week/fridge cleanout lunch
Thursday supper: quick garlic breadsticks, scrambled eggs, salad

What's on your menu?

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