Thursday, December 11, 2014

Black Bean Cholent (vegan)

A lot of you have asked how I make my black bean cholent.

I hope not to disappoint you, in case this wasn't clear to you, this is a vegetarian/vegan cholent.

It's quite tasty, but if you were hoping for beef, you won't find it here. I think the last time I ate beef I was about 20 or 21 years old (nope, not saying what year that was, use your imagination)!

If you're looking for a Gluten Free Vegan Cholent, click here!

Here's what I do:

1-2 large onions, chopped coarsely
6 cloves garlic, chopped finely
2 medium sized potatoes, cut into chunks
500g whole grain barley (not pearl barley), soaked in cold water overnight
2 cups black beans, already soaked (overnight) and drained, can also use 2 cups cooked black beans
spices: salt (1 tablespoon or so), black pepper (1/2 tsp or more), cayenne pepper (a pinch or 2), smoked paprika (2 tablespoons) - be generous with the seasonings! If cayenne is too hot for you - you can safely leave it out.
water to fill the pot

Place everything in the crock pot and let the pot do its magic!

Just before Shabbat starts, I add frozen vegan kishke to the pot. This is the perfect Shabbat morning cholent accompaniment! 

Barley and Black Beans waiting on my pantry shelf


  1. esther, do you think it would add to the flavors to use fake meat like seitan or tvp or vegan sausage that i bought but didn't try yet at eden teva? also, without a crock pot would this be ok on a plata?

    1. I don't know if it would add tot he taste but it might provide the missing texture of meat. I also put large cubes of tofu into my vegetarian chollent which also give a great texture addtion.

    2. Sounds good! (we can't add tofu because one of my kids is allergic to soy)

  2. This sounds so delicious. Being gluten free, I can't eat barley so I miss out on many cholents!

  3. Judee, I have made this with quinoa instead of barley for some GF guests. It works well!

  4. This is definitely NOT a gluten free cholent. Barley has gluten, as does commercial vegetarian kishka

    1. you are correct. If this was accidentally linked to as a GF cholent, my apologies. Although you can see above I've made it with quinoa instead of barley when I need it to be GF! Here's my GF cholent


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