Monday, November 25, 2013

Price Controlled Foods Update

I just wanted to make sure that all of you know that as of the end of last week, the price of conventional eggs has been changed.

The new price for a dozen large eggs is 12.50 (old price was 12.90), a dozen medium eggs is 11.50, and a dozen extra large eggs is 13.60.

Below you can find the list of price controlled foods. There was some talk of adding whipping cream and cottage cheese to this list, but those products have not been added to any official lists yet.

The price listed is the MAXIMUM price for the specified item - if a store is selling price controlled items for a higher price, they are in violation of the law. You can (and should) report these violations.

Here are the items that are supervised, and their maximum price to consumers:

I'm showing prices for the entire country, excluding Eilat, by the way. Eilat is exempt from Ma'am, so prices there will be lower.

Lechem Achid  - 750g loaf, 5.11
White bread, 750g loaf, 5.11
Challah or yeast cake, 500g, 5.58 (don't ask me what kind of yeast cake this is referring to, I have no idea!)
Lechem Achid, sliced and packaged, 750g, 7.67
White bread, sliced and packaged, 500g, 6.82
Regular Kitchen Salt, Fine Kitchen Salt, Fine Table Salt, and Coarse Table salt, 1 kg, 2.09
3% milk, 1 liter, bag, 5.28
1% milk, 1 liter, bag, 4.95
3% milk, 1 liter, carton, 6.54
1% milk, 1 liter, carton, 6.11
Eshel, 4.5% fat, 200ml, 1.66
Gil, 3% fat, 200ml,  1.52
Sour Cream, 15% fat, 200ml, 2.47
Butter, regular, 100g, 4.08
Emek Cheese (at the cheese counter),per kg, 45.96
Gilboa Cheese (at the cheese counter), per kg, 43.72
XL eggs, regular, 1 dozen, 13.60
L eggs, regular, 1 dozen, 12.50  
M eggs, regular, 1 dozen, 11.50

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  1. Why only white bread.???.Nutritionists know for many years that withe bread is not good for people to whole grains.. no nutritional value..only carbs and chemicals

    1. I have no idea why white bread is included. At least lechem achid does contain SOME bran. It's a less processed flour than white flour. But you can always do what we do - bake bread at home!


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