Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I told you I was hoping for no-fuss menus this week.

I found those large Israeli "bagels" on sale Tuesday, so I bought some. And my kids love bourekas, so we had a simple no fuss menu:

Cream Cheese, Butter, Sliced cheese, Cottage Cheese
Potato Bourekas
Cheese Bourekas
Sliced Tomatoes
Fruit Salad

The price of cottage cheese keeps going up, but I found these larger than normal containers so the price was slightly better. But I'm going to have to really keep an eye on those prices, and figure out the best place to stock up, since my 6 & 3 yr olds have decided that they can live on cottage cheese alone...


  1. I find cheese to be expensive and not satisfying for two adults but the chicken wings here are meaty and a pretty good value, especially if you have a dog who can eat the bones. We are meat eaters, can't eat gluten or beans so we don't really count the cost of what we can eat but we have a veggie garden going and our land lord has fruit trees from which we can share. I'm considering a couple of chickens too. We use a fari amount of eggs. If you're near the sea, learn to fish. The answer to rising food costs is grow, raise or find as much as possible.

  2. Let me know how it goes with the chickens! I'm not brave enough for that - I find the idea of raising animals too daunting. But we do plan to start a vegetable garden as soon as we settle into a new place, and I will try to solve my issue with being allergic to the outdoors...


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