Monday, October 16, 2023

PSA: Government Appointment System

 Do you have to make an appointment with an official entity in Israel?

I didn't know this, but sometime since the last time I had to go to Misrad Hapnim, some changes happened.

We used to make appointments for almost all government offices on

But now, some appointments have moved over to another platform - Misrad Hapnim (Ministry of the Interior/Population Registry office) and Misrad Hatachburah (Ministry of Transportation) are now taking appointments via GoVisit -

screenshot of GoVisit home page
Screenshot of the website

I was able to get the appointment I needed for less than a month from now, in my small town. However, some services (like a standalone passport appointment - as opposed to a Teudat Zehut appointment where you can do a passport at the same time) have LONG waiting times. So make an appointment for whatever you need as early as possible, so you won't get stuck!

Hope this helps someone.

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