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I have been trying to navigate the world of shopping here in Israel - and I have discovered high prices or sales gimmicks or poor quality, and other problems, in many places. Not to mention that anytime I drive ANYWHERE I spend a fortune on gas. So, I looked for alternatives. Some were out of necessity - certain items are just not available here. Some for convenience, so as not to run around, wasting a whole day shopping. And other items were just because it costs so much less abroad. It's time for us to tell Israeli retailers that we won't tolerate inflated prices anymore. If they want our business, give us competitive pricing!

This list is a work in progress. Feel free to leave comments with your favorite websites, or let me know about your experience shopping with these sellers.

I cannot endorse any of the sellers below, and I take no responsibility for your orders with them. I have merely compiled a list of sellers who sell internationally, and will ship to Israel. 

Important: PLEASE familiarize yourself with Personal Import taxes and fees. You can find a brief summary in my post about New Personal Import Regulations. This is information specific to Israel, so if you live in another country, please find out about personal imports in your country.

Ebay - you can save a lot when you buy on ebay!

Aliexpress- a huge Chinese marketplace, many with free shipping. Be sure to choose regular mail for your delivery! 

The Jerusalem Market - an online secondhand marketplace for people in Jerusalem. No import fees, as it's all local. They have delivery options for large and small items. - check for coupon codes! I *always* order with a coupon. Although right now, you can get 15% off your purchase  - check the homepage for the current coupon code! Free worldwide shipping.

Book depository - there are sometimes coupon codes available, so be sure to check (right now APMA12 will get you 10% off!)! Free worldwide shipping.

Wordery - Books! Free worldwide delivery

Vitacost (sign up for a coupon for $10 off your first order). Ship your order to Israel for as low as $10.99 (orders over 3.4 lbs will incur higher shipping fees).

iHerb Click here to see what kinds of things I like to buy from iherb!

LuckyVitamin - they sell all sorts of items and ship to Israel. Shipping gets a bit expensive if your order is heavy, but they have been a great resource for me when I really needed an item no one else would ship to Israel! Get $5 off your first order when you use my link!

ON HOLD. Target has stopped shipping to Israel for the time being. I will update if that changes!    Target now ships to Israel. you prepay import fees and taxes. Great for hard to find items!

Amazon Global offers international shipping, and you prepay any import fees. I find their service really excellent.

Amazon UK Global also offers international shipping, and prepaid import fees. This is a great way to get small 220V appliances and other European items!

Amazon Israel is just getting underway. Keep checking for discounts and fast, local delivery!

Amazon (US site) is great for anyone traveling to the US and will bring things back

Amazon UK is great for anyone traveling to the UK and will bring things back. Some items ship internationally

GROO offers deals  won't that you want to miss! It's a local option for saving lots of money. I've gotten some great deals from them!

WallaShops also offers lots of local deals. Most items ship within Israel, so delivery is pretty quick. It's really useful to order large or bulky items online with door-to-door delivery!
Next  Clothing for kids and Adults, and housewares. I have never ordered from them, but I have been told it is good. They advertise free delivery via Royal Mail. has a wide selection of bags, accessories, and more. Free Shipping to Israel with a min 20GBP order.
ModCloth Women's Clothing sometimes has free international shipping deals 

StyleJ - the best Denim skirts ever! Choose priority shipping for the cheapest shipping option!

Shokolada offers really cute clothes for kids, and soon for women too. Bonus: affordable clothes that ship from within Israel, so your order will arrive very quickly! 

DressLink sells clothing, accessories, and more. Ships from China. Choose regular mail for the least expensive shipping option!  

Plus in Love sells women's plus size clothing (from China) Get 11% off orders over $59 and free shipping worldwide

Pretty Little Thing sells clothes and accessories and ships worldwide

The Hut Sells clothing, toys, games, DVDs, Health & Beauty items, Sports equipment, and more. 1.19 GBP Shipping per item (I don't think in British Pounds, so I have no idea how much that is! Doesn't sound too exorbitant though), ships via airmail. cosmetics and beauty supply. Ships free. (I have never ordered from them) Cosmetics and Beauty. Ships worldwide for free. Paypal accepted! sells, you guessed it! Fabric! They offer shipping worldwide. I recommend you try not to place a large order, so that they will send via regular mail instead of UPS. Be aware that if you place an order that ships via UPS, you may have to pay additional fees before delivery.

DHGate sells all sorts of stuff from China. (Again, I have no experience shopping with them). Free worldwide shipping.

Debenhams  Sells Clothing, Shoes, Toys, Gifts, Housewares, and more (15 GBP for delivery though - I think that's high) (I have never ordered from them)

Belle Lingerie - lingerie, bras, etc, with a wide variety of sizes and styles. Ships from England guarantees the best prices for any type of property, and no booking fees! 

If you're flying to Israel, consider flying El Al


  1. I ordered vitamins from VitaCost and did not have a good experience. Customs in Israel kept the box for two weeks and I finally was able to contact them (by getting the number through Fedex). I had to sign a form stating that the vitamins were not for resale and did not contain meat products. No big deal--just a delay. Then, I had to appoint an agent to shuffle the box through the system, and the total cost of getting them through was a whopping 600 shekels. I will go back to doing what I've always done and have them sent to someone in the US who will be coming here to visit.

    1. Wow! I have never heard that before from anyone! Did you order a large amount at a time? (i.e. over the non-taxable amount?) I have always used their Global Mail (DHL) delivery and on occasion there is a slight delay but I've never encountered any fees. I always recommend people avoid FedEx delivery, as well, as you will nearly always be assessed fees. Perhaps I should add that in above.

      I know Israeli customs does not like Vitamins being imported in large quantity, and I only order small amounts at a time.

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

    2. I had the same experience with Fedex and DHL too. I only ordered few different items under $100. Once it was even under $70 and I had to pay by Fedex.

  2. I've ordered from iHerb several times now and it's always been great. They no longer use Fed Ex because of horrendous problems like yours. My vitamins arrive as quickly as in just a week via Global Priority Mail with DHL, for just a $4 delivery charge.

  3. are you including grocery store online shopping as well?

  4. sure! I'm trying to compile more links so I can update this page... thanks!

  5. In the 30 years I am here I have not seen price differences that warranted ordering from overseas. My suspicion is that most Anglos like to shop supermarkets, malls and chains. Big pretty stores that are over priced. I am plus plus sized and have clothes. Kids clothes have never been a problem. I did order from the book depository until I got a kindle, ebooks are all I have ever ordered from amazon, most free or around $3. And kashrut is better in Israel on anything edible.

    1. Rivka, I'm so glad you've found what works for you! Let's hope everyone finds a way to get what they need in a way that is comfortable for his/her own needs/styles/budget... This list is here for those who are looking to supplement their local shopping!

    2. I have to completely disagree with Rivka here. I've been here for 6 and a half years and there are plenty of products that I simply cannot get here, or are only to be found in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (I live in Ashkelon). There are countless other products that are much more expensive and cannot be purchased for cheap at the market (vitamins and supplements, for example).
      Life might be harder here economically, but not everybody wants to ALWAYS cut corners, go without, or make due with inferior quality.

    3. Thanks for sharing your experience, Morris! Obviously, I am of a similar mind.

    4. I agree Morris! We have been living here since 2006 and we spent so much money to buy things from abroad what they don't sell here. Some example, simple but very important stuff for us: Nutritional yeast, Natural baking soda, Locust bean gum powder, borax, they still don't sell these here and our list goes on and on!

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  7. and they do free worldwide delivery!!!

  8. does worldwide shipping and they periodically do free worldwide shipping via Royal Post- my sister ordered sweaters from them and had no issues with meches- don't order more than 2 at a time or what is allowable to bring in without meches; Real wool sweaters- washable and affordable

  9. DealExtreme and are good. I've ordered from them and received my items without a problem! I even got a gift from :) But AliExpress has the best prices by far because of the competitive nature of the merchants - my tip: if you are interested in a product, search for it and find other merchants selling the same item. In all likelihood, one of them will have a lower price!

  10. I've ordered many times from Debenhams. Free shipping to Israel above $70. I also sometimes order from Vertbaudet for kids clothing. Great quality. They have good sales all the time and there is a flat fee shipping rate of ~$7.


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