Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Getaway deals! Go ahead and take a getaway. You know you need it!

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Well that was a harrowing weekend. My website was unexpectedly down! It was stressful, but now I'm so happy to be back with some deals to share! This time, I've got some getaway deals, we all know that this is a great antidote to stress!

It's always a good idea to grab a deal when you see one! Be sure to help spread the word - friends don't let friends pay full price 😂!

Unlike the international sites, prices on Groo include VAT unless otherwise specified. When you purchase from certain other popular sites, expect to be asked for VAT on your stay at check-in.

Here are some great getaway deals you can find on Groo right now: 

Here are some of the deals I found, all over Israel. No international travel required.

The Way Inn, in Tzfat has a deal right now for 1199 NIS per night, for a couple, including breakfast, a couples' massage, and entry to the Turkish spa. Good January thru April.

Enjoy a Neve Ativ getaway (on the Hermon), starting at 999 NIS. Good thru the end of the year. Enjoy the snow!

Acco Beach Hotel (includes breakfast and a massage package) for 599 NIS (midweek. Weekend nights cost more). Can be purchased now and redeemed till the end of 2022.

Zimmers in Granot - 449 NIS for one night / 799 NIS for two nights, midweek. Weekend nights - 2 nights for 1399 NIS. Redeem before June 20, 2022.

Zimmer in Massad - 333 NIS for midweek / 555 NIS for weekend nights (must book 2 nights for a weekend stay - this requires the purchase of 2 vouchers). Redeem before the end of June.

Getaway at the Ramada - Netanya, includes breakfast and a massage package. 888 NIS for midweek / 999 NIS for weekend (min. 2 nights for weekend stay - so you must buy 2 vouchers for weekend stays). Redeem before the end of February

Getaway for Two at the Eden Inn (Zichron Yaakov), includes a massage package and breakfast - 699 NIS midweek

Jerusalem area Getaway - Ye'arim Hotel (Yekev package) - 699 NIS for a couple (includes breakfast, and a winery tour that includes tastings and brunch)

Royal Plaza Tiberias - midweek stay for a couple is 649 NIS (redeem before the end of the year). Weekend nights are available as specified in the deal. This package includes half board, entrance to Hamei Teverya, and free bike rental through the hotel concierge.

Alaska Inn Metullah - includes tickets to the Hermon site, and extras at the hotel. 615 NIS for a midweek stay. Redeem by the end of January!

Shabbat Getaway for 2 at the Montefoire Hotel in Jerusalem (specific dates!) - package includes breakfast and a walking tour, some packages include half board.

Nachsholim Getaway - 599 NIS for a midweek stay (note: the pool rooms say the pool is not heated). Redeem by the end of February

Spa Getaway for 2 at the Daniel Herzliya - 555 NIS. Available dates are listed in the deal description. Includes breakfast and use of the spa.

Getaway at The Seasons Hotel, Netanya - starting at 549 NIS, includes breakfast. Optional upgrade includes admission to the Ga'ash Hot Springs Spa

Getaway at the Ramada in Ramat Gan - includes brunch on Friday. Choose Thursday night stay or Friday night stay. Friday night stay includes breakfast Shabbat morning. Redeem before the end of February

Midweek Getaway at the Agripas Boutique Hotel in Jerusalem - includes breakfast and wine tour/tasting at The Jerusalem Winery. Options start at 515 NIS. Redeem by the end of February.

Getaway at the Donna Gracia Hotel, Tiberias - includes breakfast. Options start at 495 NIS/night. Redeem by the end of February

Getaway at the Isrotel Ramon Inn - starting at 429 NIS/night. Includes breakfast, and hotel facilities including pool and sauna and more. Optional upgrades available, including bringing children. Available dates are listed in the deal description.

These deals are often limited, so no guarantees they'll last - grab them while you can!

If you are in the USA and buying a gift for someone in Israel, please be aware that GROO allows you to pay using PayPal! However, you do have to open an account with them and that seems to require an Israeli ID number. If you've managed using a passport or other ID number, please let me know! 

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