Monday, February 12, 2018

Vacation without breaking the bank

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Life can be pretty intense, and SO many people ask me about taking vacations. It's obviously really hard to keep going without a break to recharge our batteries - but it's also difficult to take that break if it's going to deplete our bank accounts!

So the question of the day is:

How do you take a vacation on a budget? 

Consider renting a vacation apartment via AirBnb! If you've never used them before, sign up using this link, and get a discount on your first rental!

In addition to Airbnb, it's worth checking out various websites. Find the one that works best for you! Here are some that I know about:

  • We have also found great deals using - it's definitely worth checking them out for your next vacation in Israel or abroad!
  • Hotelscombined is another hotel price comparison site. You just never know which site is going to have access to the best deals!
  • If you're looking at staying at one of the Accor Hotels around the world, consider booking directly with them, as they have a lowest price guarantee, from what I understand!
  • Up to 35% cash back on hotel bookings sounds good, right? Booking through SPENT Travel can earn you hundreds on our next family vacation! Search today to check it out!
  • Use Daka90 for last minute flight and hotel deals in Israel or originating in Israel!
Select Vacation Deals from Groupon Israel:
  • Vacation on the French Riviera, for 3, 4, or 5 nights, at 4 or 5 star hotels, including flights and hotels, starting at 1600nis per person! Dates available in April, May, and June.
  • Vacation in Holland, for 6/7 nights, including flights, accomodations AND a rental car, for 2205nis per person!
  • Vacation in Cyprus for about 1000nis per person (includes flights and accomodations at a 5 star hotel)!
Click here for last minute travel deals from Groupon

Travel within Israel:
  • Vacation Villa that sleeps 8, with plenty of amenities, including a heated pool! For just 1589 per night (for EIGHT people!) In Nof Kinneret. You must call within 48 hrs of purchase to reserve your stay. There are blackout dates.
  • Istrotel Ramon Inn has great midweek deals! Packages for single or couple, for families, or for up to 5 adults in a suite. Includes breakfast and amenities!

Click HERE for more Hotel Deals in Israel
Click HERE for more Villa rental deals

Here are some select Spa Day Deals, so you can take a break without spending a night away:

Spa Day at the Canaan Spa in Tzfat. Packages start at 300nis!

Spa Day for two at the Daniel Hotel (Dead Sea). starts at 299nis!

Spa Day at the Ein Gedi Sea of Spa - 155nis for 2, 306nis for 4, 441nis for 6

Spa Day at the Crown Plaza Jerusalem - deals start at 165nis

Click here for more Spa Deals!

Rent a car from Budget, starting at 77nis per day!

Whatever works for you is great! Just remember that it IS possible to take a break without breaking the bank!

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